Raspberry PWM LED Control

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We'll use GPIO 24/ Pin 18 to drive the LED as in the default configuration of rc-dukes.



We are going to use the Servoblaster software see Self_Driving_RC_Car#Servo Interface - Servoblaster

cat /run/servoblaster.status 

Servo mapping:
     0 on P1-7           GPIO-4
     1 on P1-11          GPIO-17
     2 on P1-12          GPIO-18
     3 on P1-13          GPIO-27
     4 on P1-15          GPIO-22
     5 on P1-16          GPIO-23
     6 on P1-18          GPIO-24
     7 on P1-22          GPIO-25

GPIO 24 has Servoblaster Id 6 so

echo 6=120 > /dev/servoblaster

will set the LED to half bright