Self Driving RC Car

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Welcome to the rc-dukes self driving RC Car Java project documentation! See

What is it about?

This is a maker project to create your own 1:10 remotely controlled car with some experimental self driving capabilities. It started as a software development challenge between a few teams at Bert-Jan's company Openvalue. It evolved into an example project being used in BITPlan's software architecture trainings.

What can you learn ?

  1. What is needed for a basic self driving solution?
  2. Overall design
  3. Components being used
  4. What obstacles are there on achieving this goal?
  5. What other maker projects like this are out there?
  6. How does a maker project like this compare to the challenges of real projects for self driving cars?

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Open Source

id  dukes
owner  rc-dukes
title  Dukes of Hazzard self driving RC car
version  0.0.3
date  2020-03-14