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Dash is a simple Vehicle simulation software‎‎ written in JavaScript. The fork

is an attempt to make it useable for https://github.com/rc-dukes/dukes/issues/37


# if your .npm owner ship needs to be fixed
# see https://stackoverflow.com/a/55468089/1497139
# sudo chown -R $USER:$GROUP ~/.npm
git clone https://github.com/rc-dukes/dash2
cd dash2
npm install
# make sure chrome is your default browser or open index.html manually
open index.html

Loading Cars

The "Load Car" button let's you load your own car models in 3ds format. Generallee2020-01-16.png Generallee2020-01-16sim.png

Test Car Models

There is a decode script in the models folder which will let you decode the base64 data in suv.js to a .3ds file .3ds files can e.g. be viewed with https://viewer.autodesk.com/

Manual Navigation Keys

To navigate you can use your keyboard as outline in the following to tables

Cursor Keys

arrow_backward   arrow_forward


a   s

Project info

This project demonstrates a real-time, on-road, lattice-based autonomous vehicle motion planner in the browser. Many autonomous vehicle motion planners are implemented close to the metal in C or C++, or they utilize computing platforms like CUDA or OpenCL to generate plans in a highly parallel fashion on the GPU. Using WebGL, we can implement similar parallel planning algorithms right in the browser that can run on a variety of moderately-powerful consumer graphics cards. With Three.js, the motion planner can be executed in real-time 3D simulated scenarios.

This simulator is still a work-in-progress. You may see bugs, WebGL crashes, strange vehicle behavior, and any number of other failures. Currently, it is fully functional only in Google Chrome with hardware acceleration enabled and experimental canvas features enabled. The target frame rate is 60fps, but it may run slower depending on how long planning takes on your hardware.

Usage in rc-dukes project

Simulator and rc-dukes communicate via vert.x with each other Dash2020-01-15.png DashRC-Dukes2020-01-15.png