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id  ConferenceCorpus
state  active
owner  WolfgangFahl
title  Scientific Event Corpus
version  0.1.0
date  2022-11-20
since  2021-07-26

What Links Here


via pip

pip install ConferenceCorpus
# alternatively if your pip is not a python3 pip
pip3 install ConferenceCorpus


pip install ConferenceCorpus -U
# alternatively if your pip is not a python3 pip
pip3 install ConferenceCorpus -U




Database View with Sqlite

The EventCorpus.db is in Sqlite format.

using sqlite-web

pip install sqlite-web
sqlite_web $HOME/.conferencecorpus/EventCorpus.db

There is convenience script ccsqliteweb available in the scripts directory which will also kill an existing sqlite_web EventCorpus.db process and run the server in background using nohup.

Command Line

aelookup -h
usage: aelookup [-h] [-d] [-e ENDPOINT] [-v] [-u] [-f]
                [--datasources DATASOURCES]

Scientific Event Corpus and Lookup

  Created by Wolfgang Fahl on 2020-06-22.
  Copyright 2020-2021 Wolfgang Fahl. All rights reserved.

  Licensed under the Apache License 2.0

  Distributed on an "AS IS" basis without warranties
  or conditions of any kind, either express or implied.


optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --debug           show debug info
  -e ENDPOINT, --endpoint ENDPOINT
                        SPARQL endpoint to use for wikidata queries
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -u, --uml             output plantuml diagram markup
  -f, --force           force Update - may take quite a time
  --datasources DATASOURCES
                        , delimited list of datasource lookup ids



You might want to open the diagrams in a new tab to be able to click the links depicted.



Updating the database



gets a copy of the nightly OpenResearch backups


  1. Issue 33 - Event series completion
  2. Issue 32 - regression TemplateNotFound: fb4common/base.html
  3. Issue 31 - Provide RDF export of the data
  4. Issue 30 - add ordinal distribution query
  5. Issue 29 - add scholar RESTFul API
  6. Issue 28 - add generic search for scholarly items
  7. Issue 27 - openresearch results missing in multiquery
  8. Issue 26 - add bib file import
  9. Issue 25 - make multiquery result available via webapi with content negotiation
  10. Issue 24 - allow updating the database via webserver
  11. Issue 23 - dictOfLod Lookup result via commandline
  12. Issue 22 - add multi query option
  13. Issue 21 - add Webserver
  14. Issue 20 - Work around upstream Nominatim OSM Pythontools issue
  15. Issue 19 - Update Openresearch Samples
  16. Issue 18 - Update requirements.txt
  17. Issue 17 - include ACM digital library as a source
  18. Issue 16 - Steps towards csv upload
  19. Issue 15 - Filter obviously invalid Series and Event entries
  20. Issue 14 - wikiCFP 500 Internal Server and TimeOut Error Handling
  21. Issue 12 - Relevant FTX fields
  22. Issue 11 - Locality fixes
  23. Issue 10 - OpenResearch export option
  24. Issue 9 - offline access to EventCorpus.db
  25. Issue 8 - migrate confref data from Proceedings Title Parser here
  26. Issue 7 - migrate crossref data from proceedings title parser here
  27. Issue 6 - migrate dblp data source here from ptp and dblpconf
  28. Issue 5 - dblp xml parser skips some proceedings titles
  29. Issue 4 - add commandline interface to CorpusLookup
  30. Issue 3 - add python api doc
  31. Issue 2 - Cache all SQL tables in the same SQLite database in a ".conferencecorpus" directory
  32. Issue 1 - There should be a common set of attributes for Event and EventSeries from different datasources