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⌘⌘ smartMediaWiki[edit]

see Talk page on SMW wiki

  • SMW has lots of features.
  • SMW is complicated.
  • SMW can be very useful.

smartMediaWiki is an approach to get extended results from the use of SMW. The goals are:

  • simplicity
  • staying on the problem side
  • allowing to specify the problem in a way that SMW results can be derived "right there in the wiki".

⌘⌘ What is smartMediaWiki?[edit]

smartMediaWiki is a Powertool that is so powerful
- it will make your lights go out :-)

⌘⌘ Agenda[edit]

  • Why is a smart approach to using SMW necessary?
  • What is smartMediaWiki?
  • What can I do with it?
  • How does it work?

⌘⌘ Why smartMediaWiki?[edit]

  • MediaWiki and SMW have a strong developer focus
  • There are lots of options
  • There is a steep learning curve
  • There might be a lot of effort and work for getting things done

⌘⌘ Problem versus Solution[edit]


The key success factor is mapping

Real Life Problems

Technical Solutions

⌘⌘ Real Life Problems solved with smartMediaWiki[edit]

  • Digitizing Documents
  • Trainings: Curriculum, Quizcards, Pre-Training Interview
  • CRM Integration
  • Project Documentation and Collaboration e.g. Problem/Diagnosis/Therapy
  • Effort Tracking for Projects
  • Garbage-Bin Calendar reminder
  • ...

⌘⌘ Technical issues solved with smartMediaWiki[edit]

  • Import of Office Documents
  • CRM Integration
  • Lotus Notes import
  • adding template Engines to SMW
  • adding Java Automation Support to SMW
  • Mail Integration
  • Automatic OCR + Import for Scanned Documents

⌘⌘ Import of Office Documents[edit]

OfficeFormats.png Office WikiTask

⌘⌘ Training[edit]

How to keep a multilanguage training material in sync with a Syllabus and the corresponding Quizcards?

⌘⌘ CRM integration[edit]



Chrismascard.png ChristmasCard

⌘⌘ Lotus Notes import[edit]


see Imported Lotus Notes Article from 2000

⌘⌘ Project Documentation and Collaboration[edit]

Effort Tracking for Projects

⌘⌘ smartMediaWiki - inspirations[edit]

⌘⌘ WikiSon[edit]

WikiSon = Wiki Simple Object Notation


{{  Book  |  Lord of the Rings  |  0261102389  }}

is a valid WikiSon sample for the Three Book Set Edition of the Book with the title "Lord of the Rings" by John R. R. Tolkien which happens to have the ISBN-10 number 0261102389.

⌘⌘ WikiSon - just a Template?[edit]


No - it has got a much nicer name and WikiSon Notation is simpler to remember! You started with the Topic {{Book If your parameters only contain id information

  • human readable like a book title
  • or computer readable like an ISDN number

then you just specified a link

If your parameters contain semantic content than you just specified a Wiki Object in WikiSon.

⌘⌘ SiDIF[edit]

Simple Data Interchange Format (SiDIF)

helps understanding the Triple concept and can actually be used for quite a few real-life problems.

⌘⌘ WikiTask[edit]

WikiTask Tutorial for learning how to play with Wiki tasks

⌘⌘ Royal FamilyTree revisited[edit]


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⌘⌘ Questions/Discussion[edit]


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