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With the Template:Wikitask you can generate WikiPages based on

and a template from one of the following engines


Access rights

The use of the Service behind Template:Wikitask is access restricted. You need to be in the list of allowed users. You might want to contact to get access rights for one of our partner wikis.

Login in

Before your start you might want to login to the service. Just click login to do so.

First example: Dad loves mum

The following four lines are valid sidif input with the id='dadlovesmum'

sidif input

dad loves mum
mum loves dad
kid loves mum
kid loves dad
kid likes granny
granny hates dad

freemarker template

this is a simple freemarker template with the id='triplegraph'

<#assign rankdir="TB"/>
<#assign triples=tripleStore.getTriples()/>
== Triple graph ==
<graphviz format='svg'>
 digraph ${wikiTask.input} {
  <#list triples as triple>
    "${triple.subject}" -> "${triple.object}" [label="${triple.predicate}"];

the following wikiTask call will create the wikipage "Dad loves mum 2015-03-14" by applying the freemarker template with the id='triplegraph' to the triples read from the sidif input "dadlovesmum".

{{wikitask|cmd=runtemplate|input=dadlovesmum|template=triplegraph|targetpage=Dad loves mum 2015-03-14}}

runtemplate -> Dad_loves_mum_2015-03-14

expected result

first the wiki markup is shown than the graphical representation rendered by graphviz.

<graphviz format='svg'>
 digraph dadlovesmum {
    "dad" -> "mum" [label="loves"];
    "kid" -> "mum" [label="loves"];
    "kid" -> "dad" [label="loves"];
    "kid" -> "granny" [label="likes"];



Predefined Variables