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name  SimpleGraphContext
since  2018/02/16
A SimpleGraphModule is an Apache/TinkerPop API wrapper for a systemA SimpleGraphModule is an Apache/TinkerPop API wrapper for a systempropertyfalseSimpleGraphContext
A Step is a Graph Traversal Step in the Gremlin language - you can think of it as in instruction an a graph computerA [ Graph Traversal Step is an 'instruction' for a 'graph computer' in the Gremlin languagesubobjectfalseSimpleGraphContext
  2# Context:SimpleGraphContext
  4SimpleGraphContext isA Context
  5"SimpleGraphContext" is name of it
  7# SimpleGraphModule
  9SimpleGraphModule isA Topic
 10"SimpleGraphModule" is name of it
 11"SimpleGraphModules" is pluralName of it
 12"A SimpleGraphModule is an Apache/TinkerPop API wrapper for a system" is documentation of it
 13"A SimpleGraphModule is an Apache/TinkerPop API wrapper for a system" is wikiDocumentation of it
 14"File:SimpleGraphModule.png" is icon of it
 15"/images/wiki/a/aa/SimpleGraphModule.png" is iconUrl of it
 16"property" is defaultstoremode of it
 17false is cargo of it
 18"SimpleGraphContext" is context of it
 19SimpleGraphModule_name addsTo it
 20SimpleGraphModule_logo addsTo it
 21SimpleGraphModule_modulename addsTo it
 22SimpleGraphModule_systemname addsTo it
 23SimpleGraphModule_url addsTo it
 24SimpleGraphModule_apiname addsTo it
 25SimpleGraphModule_apiurl addsTo it
 26SimpleGraphModule_issue addsTo it
 27SimpleGraphModule_documentation addsTo it
 28SimpleGraphModule_forSE addsTo it
 29# properties of SimpleGraphModule
 30# property name
 31SimpleGraphModule_name isA Property
 32"name" is name of it
 33"name" is label of it
 34"Text" is type of it
 351 is index of it
 36true is primaryKey of it
 37true is mandatory of it
 381 is sortPos of it
 39false is uploadable of it
 40"the name of the SimpleGraphModule" is documentation of it
 41false is isLink of it
 42"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
 43# property logo
 44SimpleGraphModule_logo isA Property
 45"logo" is name of it
 46"logo" is label of it
 47"Page" is type of it
 482 is index of it
 49false is primaryKey of it
 50false is mandatory of it
 51true is uploadable of it
 52"The logo of SimpleGraphModule" is documentation of it
 53false is isLink of it
 54"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
 55# property modulename
 56SimpleGraphModule_modulename isA Property
 57"modulename" is name of it
 58"modulename" is label of it
 59"Text" is type of it
 603 is index of it
 61true is primaryKey of it
 62true is mandatory of it
 631 is sortPos of it
 64false is uploadable of it
 65"the name of the SimpleGraphModule" is documentation of it
 66false is isLink of it
 67"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
 68# property modulename
 69SimpleGraphModule_systemname isA Property
 70"systemname" is name of it
 71"systemname" is label of it
 72"Text" is type of it
 734 is index of it
 74true is primaryKey of it
 75true is mandatory of it
 76false is uploadable of it
 77"the system name of the SimpleGraphModule" is documentation of it
 78false is isLink of it
 79"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
 80# property url
 81SimpleGraphModule_url isA Property
 82"url" is name of it
 83"url" is label of it
 84"URI" is type of it
 855 is index of it
 86false is primaryKey of it
 87false is mandatory of it
 88false is uploadable of it
 89"url" is documentation of it
 90true is showInGrid of it
 91false is isLink of it
 92"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
 93# property apiname
 94SimpleGraphModule_apiname isA Property
 95"apiname" is name of it
 96"apiname" is label of it
 97"Text" is type of it
 986 is index of it
 99true is primaryKey of it
100true is mandatory of it
101false is uploadable of it
102"the name of the exposed API" is documentation of it
103false is isLink of it
104"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
105# property apiurl
106SimpleGraphModule_apiurl isA Property
107"apiurl" is name of it
108"apiurl" is label of it
109"URI" is type of it
1107 is index of it
111false is primaryKey of it
112false is mandatory of it
113false is uploadable of it
114"url of the API exposed" is documentation of it
115true is showInGrid of it
116false is isLink of it
117"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
118# property issue
119SimpleGraphModule_issue isA Property
120"issue" is name of it
121"issue" is label of it
122"ExternalIdentifier" is type of it
1238 is index of it
124false is primaryKey of it
125false is mandatory of it
126false is uploadable of it
127"Github Issue number for this module" is documentation of it
128true is showInGrid of it
129false is isLink of it
130"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
131# property documentation
132SimpleGraphModule_documentation isA Property
133"documentation" is name of it
134"documentation" is label of it
135"Text" is type of it
1369 is index of it
137false is primaryKey of it
138false is mandatory of it
139false is uploadable of it
140"brief documentation hint" is documentation of it
141false is isLink of it
142"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
143# property forSE
144SimpleGraphModule_forSE isA Property
145"forSE" is name of it
146"forSE" is label of it
147"Boolean" is type of it
14810 is index of it
149false is primaryKey of it
150false is mandatory of it
151false is uploadable of it
152"well suitable for Software Engineering" is documentation of it
153false is isLink of it
154"SimpleGraphModule" is topic of it
156# Step
158Step isA Topic
159"Step" is name of it
160"Steps" is pluralName of it
161"A Step is a Graph Traversal Step in the Gremlin language - you can think of it as in instruction an a graph computer" is documentation of it
162"A [ Graph Traversal Step is an 'instruction' for a 'graph computer' in the Gremlin language" is wikiDocumentation of it
163"File:stepIcon.png" is icon of it
164"/images/wiki/thumb/f/ff/StepIcon.png/128px-StepIcon.png" is iconUrl of it
165"subobject" is defaultstoremode of it
166false is cargo of it
167"SimpleGraphContext" is context of it
168Step_name addsTo it
169Step_kind addsTo it
170Step_reference addsTo it
171Step_javadoc addsTo it
172Step_text addsTo it
173Step_test addsTo it
174Step_level addsTo it
175# property name
176Step_name isA Property
177"name" is name of it
178"name" is label of it
179"Text" is type of it
1801 is index of it
181true is primaryKey of it
182true is mandatory of it
1831 is sortPos of it
184false is uploadable of it
185"the name of the Step" is documentation of it
186false is isLink of it
187"Step" is topic of it
188# property kind
189Step_kind isA Property
190"kind" is name of it
191"kind" is label of it
192"Text" is type of it
1932 is index of it
194false is primaryKey of it
195false is mandatory of it
196false is uploadable of it
197"the kind of the Step e.g. map, flatMap, terminal Step" is documentation of it
198false is isLink of it
199"Step" is topic of it
200# property reference
201Step_reference isA Property
202"reference" is name of it
203"reference" is label of it
204"External Identifier" is type of it
2053 is index of it
206false is primaryKey of it
207false is mandatory of it
208false is uploadable of it
209"the reference tag in the Apache Tinkerpop documentation" is documentation of it
210false is isLink of it
211"Step" is topic of it
212# javadoc reference
213Step_javadoc isA Property
214"javadoc" is name of it
215"javadoc" is label of it
216"External Identifier" is type of it
2174 is index of it
218false is primaryKey of it
219false is mandatory of it
220false is uploadable of it
221"Apache Tinkerpop javadoc documentation for this step" is documentation of it
222false is isLink of it
223"Step" is topic of it
224# property text
225Step_text isA Property
226"text" is name of it
227"text" is label of it
228"Text" is type of it
2295 is index of it
230false is primaryKey of it
231false is mandatory of it
232false is uploadable of it
233"the description according to the Apache Tinkerpop documentation" is documentation of it
234false is isLink of it
235"Step" is topic of it
236# property test
237Step_test isA Property
238"test" is name of it
239"test" is label of it
240"Text" is type of it
2416 is index of it
242false is primaryKey of it
243false is mandatory of it
244false is uploadable of it
245"a Junit Testcase for this step" is documentation of it
246false is isLink of it
247"Step" is topic of it
248# property test
249Step_level isA Property
250"level" is name of it
251"level" is label of it
252"Number" is type of it
2537 is index of it
254false is primaryKey of it
255false is mandatory of it
256false is uploadable of it
257"the level in the step hierarchy" is documentation of it
258false is isLink of it
259"Step" is topic of it