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Quality Gate

Quality Gate

At the end of a project phase, the following questions arise in the room:

  • How well does the proposed solution fit the problem?
  • How satisfied will the clients be with the result?
  • How are the opportunities and risks taken into account in relation to their relevance?
  • How well where the best practices applied to the solution?
  • What new recipes for success are there?

When these questions are clarified, the path to achieving the goals is much more straightforward. It can save a lot of effort and time, if the path in the "right direction" is controlled in a timely fashion.

Developing a common picture of the situation helps the team to do achieve this goal. If an external party is invited to the meeting, a broader view is gained.

Retrospective versus Antespective

Scrum provides a retrospective for every sprint. By looking back at the course of the sprint, the team is supposed to improve the cooperation by looking at processes and contents.

Looking ahead as an antidote can do even more.

What challenges does the project expect?

What are the anticipated events affecting the team's actions?