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Professional Services

You'd like to get Software, that fits your ideas? Then it is important that your requirements are clarified. Also the cost has to stay within the given frame and the schedule has to fit. BITPlan is Expert for Requirements Engineering and Softwarearchitecture. We work on full Software development projects or support you with your own project.


AIR Liquide Onboard Computer System Interface


In the course of the conversion of the route planning system for the bulk liquid gas supply, AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH has commissioned BITPlan to create an interface between the route planning system, SAP and the onboard computer systems.

A particular challenge was the change of the tour planning system in the middle of the project. BITPlan has used a model-driven approach to ensure that both systems can be addressed in a uniform manner. So the conversion succeeded smoothly and as planned.

Environment: Java, Oracle, SAP, onboard computer system