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Problem with your software architecture?

Play me as a joker and your problems are solved.


I am an experienced IT consultant / software engineer who can help you quickly and flexibly if the software solution offered by your IT department is not convincing - either because of lack of resources or because your requirements are not fulfilled. I make sure you get the desired solution - like a joker, that will allow you to score points with the right hand.

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Sticks always.
Complexity welcome.
Experienced a lot.
You can use it in every task. As a generalist, he integrates quickly and flexibly into all IT organizations, analyzes the task and provides solutions that fully meet your requirements. Particularly in the case of complex tasks, you can provide the decisive impetus for a convincing software architecture due to your fast perception and the proven analytical methods. Based on his many years of experience, he can successfully lead in large IT organizations, maintain a cool head in critical situations, and simply explain abstract, complex problems by "hand-proof" examples.

Wolfgang Fahl private

He runs endurance sports such as: Triathlon and cycling.

Takes leadership tasks with pleasure: as a skipper when sailing and as association's president.

Contirbutes his organization talent: at triathlon events and street festivals.

Building Bridges
„This bridge makes your IT project successful.“

Often a successful software development failed because the requirements and needs are not met by the developed software solution. This can have several causes:

  • The requirements and needs were not properly analyzed or communicated by the client.
  • The task was wrongly interpreted by the developers.
  • The developed software architecture is not suitable for the stable and efficient depiction of the process.

In this case Wolfgang Fahl acts like the master builder of a bridge, he knows the nature of both banks (needs and software solution) and now provides a stable construction for an efficient connection - thus the optimal solution approach - on both banks. He uses the following proven methodology:

problem analysis -> structuring -> systematization -> automation