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BITPlan GmbH
Pater-Delp-Str. 1
D-47877 Willich-Schiefbahn
Director: Wolfgang Fahl
Incorporated at register: Krefeld HRB 6820
VAT ID: DE812761088


You would like to receive further information?
You can:

use our Contactform according to our Privacy Policy

📧 send an email to

đŸ“± call us: +49 2154 811 480

📠 send us a fax: +49 2154 811 481

🏠 make an appointment with us in Willich.

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Privacy Policy en

Privacy Policy

Here you will find out what data we collect, why we do it and what we do with your data:

Your visit is logged The ProfiWiki / WikiCMS solution we use is configured to keep a logbook of visits to our website. Anoynmously it is recorded for statistical purposes which pages are retrieved. The capture includes, for example, at what time, from which previously visited page / search the access was made. The log collects IP address, browser and similar information, in particular to determine if the access was made by a crawler / robot or a real human being. We have no interest in permanently storing the data or evaluating it beyond the anonymous statistics, since most of the requests are made by robots anyway. We do not share the data with third parties.

Use of personal data If you want to contact us or to order a training, then we ask you the relevant things that are required to answer your request or training. There are fields that are not mandatory fields, and if you fill them out, this is done voluntarily. If you no longer want us to keep your data further than required by law, please let us know in writing.

Information, modification and deletion of your data If you ask us which personal data we store about you, we will gladly provide you with information and make information, changes and deletion compliant with the law.

Security of your data How secure your data is with us depends, above all, on the criminal energy of those who try to "capture" your data from us. Of course we protect your data with appropriate technical and organizational measures. But like overcoming the protection of front doors and safes with the right tools is possible despite the high investment in protection, the possibilities of data protection measures are limited - 100% security can not exist. Potential attackers are becoming more and more creative, so we remain vigilant and recommend that you transfer sensitive data by postal mail or fax rather than by e-mail or via our internet form that will ultimately be converted into an e-mail.

Google Analytics We do not use :-)

Cookies Permanent cookies only come into play when you use one of our wiki pages with registration. You will then be informed separately. For this website which is based on a WikiCMS frontend the use does not require cookies. Data Protection Change We'll see what's going on in terms of privacy protection in the future. Not only are the hackers very creative, the legislators rival the creativity of hackers recently. So we will keep you up to date here as well as we can how we handle your privacy in accordance with the relevant laws and security needs.

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