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Unboxing and Assembly

Assembling the Printer and getting to the Bootscreen on the LCD Panel took some 3 hours including documenting this with a camera and looking for ways to solve detail problems.

The first 1-2 hours went smooth unpacking and following the three different videos below. The videos mostly do not show some important details like

  1. selecting the correct screws
  2. attaching the display cable correctly

After two hours I contacted support since the display didn't work correctly. I then figured it out my self. I had to detach the display from its metal mount to get better access to the connector to fit the cable properly aligned. In my opion the cable is just

  • a bit too short
  • a bit too flimsy
  • and the connection is not properly documented

Parts and Tools

Unboxing and Assembly videos

The first video has more details than the other two!

LCD Connector See pictures below for the fix


ls -l
-rwxrwxrwx  1 wf  staff  9039257 Jun 27  2018 A10_dog.gcode

First Printout

The filament supplied with the printer is not sufficient to print the example Dog and it would take a few hours to get that printed. We therefore use the example from our BlocksCAD page setting the size to 5 which will lead to a small 2 g knot that can be printed in 10 minutes. You'll find the gcode file on our Cura page.

On my Mac I had to put this into the folder /Applications/Ultimaker

Filament Sensor Setting and Print Preparation


Please note that the E in mm3 needs to be off for 1.75 mm diameter PLA. The correct volumetric setting for PLA is different.

First Usage experience

At 3D_Print_Problems i have documented some of the issues I had during the first few printouts.

USB Connection


Mac OS

system_profiler SPUSBDataType

                  Product ID: 0x7523
                  Vendor ID: 0x1a86
                  Version: 2.63
                  Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
                  Location ID: 0xfd343000 / 16
                  Current Available (mA): 500
                  Extra Operating Current (mA): 0

So it's a CH340 Download Driver from and install. Cura will then recognize the printer and allow to use the USB connection for monitoring, controlling and printing.




Using with Cura

For adding your Geeetech A10 printer to Cura see


Dear Geeetech support,
after assembling the device see
the display only has lit backlight but does not show any characters.
Please advise.

I am looking forward to your response.



Videos in reverse order of time see also