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If you intend to obtain the Certificate for your Course topic, then it makes sense to work through the corresponding Syllabus to prepare yourself for the Exam . If you attend one of our Trainings then you do not need to tediously read the whole text or all the relevant Books . We offer a Learning platform in which the knowledge is respresented in a way that it is Fun to learn.


Syllabus CPRE-FLCertified Professional for Requirements EngineeringFoundation Level
Syllabus CPSA-FCertified Professional for Software ArchitectureFoundation Level
Syllabus CT-AL-TestmanagerISTQB Certified Tester TestmanagerAdvanced Level
Syllabus CPRE-AL-EuCIREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Elicitation and ConsolidationAdvanced Level
Syllabus CPRE-AL-ModelIREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - ModelingAdvanced Level
Syllabus CPRE-AL-REQMANIREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Requirements ManagementAdvanced Level

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