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name  Testbox
date  2019/02/20
idea  Print a Box with the print parameters printed in 3D on top of it to be able to calibrate / compare results
design  TestBox40x15x8.jpg


blockscad  File:TestBox55x20x12.xml

In the design i printed the accuracy and temperature as text so that the samples will "document themselves ..."

The information on the Testbox has the following details:

  1. Print accuracy in mm e.g. 0.4 means 0.4 mm
  2. Infill in % e.g. 20% means 20% infill
  3. Number of Walls e.g. 2 means 2 Walls (Wall/Top/Bottom layers)
  4. Temperature in Celcius e.g. 200° means 200° C
  5. Print Time in minutes e.g. 15 m means 15 minutes print time


TestBoxIMG 2778.JPG

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