3D Print Checklist

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  1. Is the Design ok?
    1. Did you select the desired precision?
    2. Did you add support if necessary?
    3. Did you select an appropriate build plate adhesion?
    4. Did you choose the desired infill?
    5. ...
  2. Is the Filament ok?
    1. Is it the right diameter?
    2. Is it the right color?
    3. Is it broken?
    4. Is there still enough of it
    5. Is it still dry
    6. Is it properly connected to the extruder via the filament detector?
  3. Are the Filament settings ok?
    1. Filament detector on?
    2. Filament diameter same as used filament?
  4. Is the printbed prepared?
    1. Is the printbed leveled?
    2. Is the printbed clean
    3. Is the printbed taped (optional)?
  5. USB connection (optional)
    1. is the connection mechanically safe - no accidential unplugging?
    2. is the connection to printer going to be available during the print time (e.g. no sleep mode not planned reboots of computer)? MacOS-Tip: Ampethamine
  6. Print settings
    1. is the printer selected correctly?
    2. is the material / filament selected correct (see also above)?
    3. is the layer height / print speed ok?
    4. is Generate support enabled if necessary?
    5. is Build Plate Adhesion set e.g. to Brim?

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