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id  11Dollar4Climate
owner  WolfgangFahl
title  Donate for Climate and make a political statement
url  https://github.com/WolfgangFahl/11dollar4climate
version  0.0.1
date  2019-08-28

See also #11dollar4climate

What to do

Send US one dollar bill, obverse, series 2009.jpg

to a person or organization that in your opinion does harm to the climate. And explain why the other

US10dollarbill-Series 2004A.jpg

go to another organization that actively works to help the climate.

  1. Example: 1 Dollar for Jair Bolsonaro, 10 Dollar for Sting's Rainforest Foundation
  2. Example: 2 Dollar for Boris Johnson, 10 Dollar for Sustrans

Add your donation documentation here


I hope sending money to politicians and NGOs will raise much more awareness then doing just the one or the other.

Also I find it quite funny to emagine oodles of dollar bills pouring in at political power centers that are ignoring climate change while 10 times the amount goes to NGOs that are actively doing something.

So fridays are a good day now to donate 11 dollars for the climate. You don't have to be on the street to have your friday for future :-)