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id  pdfindexer
owner  WolfgangFahl
title  Java Library and Tool to Index and search PDF files using Apache Lucene and PDF Box
url  https://github.com/WolfgangFahl/pdfindexer
version  0.0.11
date  2018/08/22


In one of our project we were asked to check a few dozen PDF documents for consistency. So we needed a way to cross-reference the documents and find keywords. At the time there was no SimpleGraph project yet and we created a special solution and made it available as OpenSource.

Using in Docker

In Issue #4 peebles asked how the example would be run in a docker container.

Start an OpenJDK8 container mounting the pdfindexer directory

# get a fresh version of the PDF Indexer
git clone https://github.com/WolfgangFahl/pdfindexer
# change to the directory
cd pdfindexer
# run a docker Container with OpenJDK Java 8
docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/deploy -w /deploy openjdk:8 bash

Trying things out

root@d6113050b3c6:/deploy# mkdir test/html
root@d6113050b3c6:/deploy# java -jar pdfindex.jar --sourceFileList test/pdffiles.lst --idxfile test/index2 --outputfile test/html/pdfindex.html --searchKeyWordList test/searchwords.txt --root test/
adding test/pdfsource1/LoremIpsum.pdf to index
Aug 22, 2018 2:43:03 PM org.apache.pdfbox.pdfparser.NonSequentialPDFParser checkXrefOffsets
SEVERE: Can't find the object 8 0 (origin offset 0)
creating output test/html/pdfindex.html
root@d6113050b3c6:/deploy# wc -l test/html/pdfindex.html
473 test/html/pdfindex.html

Character set handling

https://github.com/WolfgangFahl/pdfindexer/issues/7 reports that utf-8 handling might not work from the command line in certain cases. I assume this is due to Javas choice of character set being based on the environment (e.g. MacOS/Windows). It is possible to override this setting see https://stackoverflow.com/a/10890594/1497139.