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What is ProfiWiki?

Profiwiki is

  • a ContentMangementSystem (CMS)
  • a DocumentManagemtSystem (DMS)

that is based on MediaWiki and semanticMediaWiki.

A ProfiWiki is a standard MediaWiki which is extends with Semantic MediaWiki and other extensions. The result is combination of a Wiki and a Graph database system. Useful functions like a UML documentation, comfortable upload by drag&drop and PDF export are already integrated.

To make the approach useable the ProfiWiki system used a Ryhtm Template engine and a predefined MetaModel. This way the Wiki can be extends with Standard-Java "Actions" / Scripts which make it possible to work on all kinds of data to e.g. import the data into the wiki or export things from the wiki. Anything that is accessible with a Java library can be integrated this way.

Examples are Office and PDF Documents and naturally quite a few other things.

The database structure can be modified directly in the Wiki. MetaModell, Modell and generated pages are handled in the same way. In principle a ProfiWiki works like a small "integrated development environment".

The utility of the Wiki lies in the collaboration possibilities. It is possibble to combine unstructured. spontaneous content with structure contend based on Forms Lists and Categories. This way users on different levels can be addressed. Those that want to use all details as well as users that do just want to occasionaly use the wiki without reading any manuels and just want to "click from page to page" and add data with predefined forms.

ProfiWiki is a product that increases the benefit you get from Semantic Media Wiki and simplifies the structuring of your wiki.

Profiwiki consists of:

  • a set of predefined templates, pages and media files
  • an extension that allows to use Java Code and libraries
  • a Rythm template engine based configurable page generator
  • applying the Y-Principle to the structuring and use of Semantic MediaWiki

Open Source Project

id  ProfiWiki
owner  BITPlan
title  Professional Semantic Media Wiki
version  0.0.1
date  2018-12-31

Why ProfiWiki?

Professional Wiki for your Enterprise

ProfiWiki is based on MediaWikiLogo.png

Why use the original MediaWiki?

  • there are some 2.500 Extensions available
  • there are many different skins available
  • it is free (as in free beer)
  • it is free (as in OpenSource)
  • the WikiMedia Foundation keeps maintaining it as the infrastucture for WikiPedia

An Example: Seeing is believing ...

ProfiWiki is based on SemanticMediaWikiLogo.png


git clone
cd ProfiWiki

choose your target Mediawiki version e.g. 1.31.1 and call the corresponding install script:


By default there will be an interactive dialog to ask you for the passwords to use:
Profwiki password setup.png
To avoid this dialog use the -r option to create random passwords.

./mw1_31_1 -r


bashit helper script

To check your installation you can run a shell in the docker containers created. There are two containers:

  • mw - for the mediawiki installation
  • db - for the database installation

The name of the container depends on the version. The helper script bashit will simplify to call into the bash:


./bashit [27|30|31] [db|mw]
e.g ./bashit 27 db will call a bash in the mediawiki 1.27.5 mariadb container


We'd like to check the extensions directory of the mediawiki container for Version 1.31.1

./bashit 31 mw
root@bf0f1f0cb166:/var/www/html# cd extensions/
root@bf0f1f0cb166:/var/www/html/extensions# ls
CategoryTree  CodeEditor   ImageMap   LocalisationUpdate  OATHAuth	   Poem        ReplaceText	      TitleBlacklist
Cite	      ConfirmEdit  InputBox   MultimediaViewer	  ParserFunctions  README      SpamBlacklist	      WikiEditor
CiteThisPage  Gadgets	   Interwiki  Nuke		  PdfHandler	   Renameuser  SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi

We'd like to check how mouch memory the mysql daemon uses in the mariadb container for Version 1.31.1

./bashit 31 db
root@32e1b0124869:/# ps aux
mysql         1  0.0  5.1 1943872 102956 ?      Ssl  10:58   0:00 mysqld
root        181  0.7  0.1  18508  3220 pts/0    Ss   11:10   0:00 bash
root        192  0.0  0.1  34400  2760 pts/0    R+   11:10   0:00 ps aux

We'd like to know which operating system the Mediawiki container is based on

./bashit 27 mw
root@d53b89cc74fd:/etc# head -1 /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)"