Using Semantic MediaWiki for managing quizzes for knowledge examination and evaluation

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How we use SMW with quizzes

BITPlan teaches

After these courses there is mostly an exam based on the syllabi. The training, syllabus definition and exam execution are done by different indepent organizations. We give our participants access to a SMW wiki with exam related content and especially quiz cards.

Effects of the Quiz-Wikis

  • improved success quota - BITPlan participants regularly end up in the yearly toplist
  • more fun for participants - actively working with the wiki is more fun than listening to theory
  • wider coverage of topics - details are linked e.g. Pioneers of SoftwareEngineering
  • personalization of training effort and speed - some people need more preparation than others

Interactive Example

How it works

  1. the Mediawiki Quiz extension
  2. managing Quizzes with SMW
  3. Quizzes in the context of a Syllabus using the Profiwiki approach
  4. generating Quizsets with the Profiwiki approach

Mediawiki Extension:Quiz

managing Quizzes with SMW

Syllabus context

From the Syllabus context the necessary SMW pages are generated with Profiwiki


generating Quizsets with the Profiwiki approach