Smart and professional integration of office documents
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  • Why combine Office and SMW?
  • What options are available?
  • Examples
  • How it works
  • Discussion

Why combine Office and SMW?

In a poll for softwareachitects 73% answered "Word" and "Excel" to the question "What documentation Tools do you use?"

Workdocumentation 2015 10 26 JL digraph project directory layout dot.png

Txt32x32.png Docx32x32.png Docx32x32.png Ppt32x32.png
Docx32x32.png Docx32x32.png Xls32x32.png Txt32x32.png Txt32x32.png
Ppt32x32.png Xls32x32.png Docx32x32.png
Xls32x32.png Txt32x32.png Ppt32x32.png Docx32x32.png
Ppt32x32.png Txt32x32.png Txt32x32.png Xls32x32.png Txt32x32.png Docx32x32.png
Txt32x32.png Docx32x32.png
Docx32x32.png Ppt32x32.png Xls32x32.png
Pdf32x32.png Txt32x32.png Uml logo.png Pdf32x32.png
Uml logo.png Pdf32x32.png Docx32x32.png
Ppt32x32.png Pdf32x32.png Xls32x32.png Uml logo.png

Getting Office Documents into your SMW

Creating Office Documents from SMW an example

Elder Care Topic Examples

SLC Patient.pngSLC Nurse.pngSLC-Customer.png


Views on a Nurse and it's CV

SMW SMW logo 142px.png Word Logo Microsoft Word 2013.png Pdf Adobe PDF-logo.gif
SLC SWM Darstellung.png SLC Lebenslauf.png SLC Lebenslauf.png

Illusion or the real thing?



Elder Care Example

Elder Care Nurse CV Template

First you have to create a File:VorlageLebenslauf.docx with placeholders. The placeholders have the form of ${needles} SLC VorlageLebenslauf Screenshot.png Then you create a ask query referencing the Word template and the needles to be "filled in"

How does it (not) work?