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  • SMW has lots of features.
  • SMW is complicated.
  • SMW can be very useful.

smartMediaWiki is an approach to get extended results from the use of SMW. The goals are:

  • simplicity
  • staying on the problem side
  • allowing to specify the problem in a way that SMW results can be derived "right there in the wiki".

What is smartMediaWiki?

smartMediaWiki is a Powertool that is so powerful
- it will make your lights go out :-)


  • Why is a smart approach to using SMW necessary?
  • What is smartMediaWiki?
  • What can I do with it?
  • How does it work?

Why smartMediaWiki?

  • MediaWiki and SMW have a strong developer focus
  • There are lots of options
  • There is a steep learning curve
  • There might be a lot of effort and work for getting things done

Problem versus Solution


Adobe SVG Viewer plugin (for Internet Explorer) or use Firefox, Opera or Safari instead.

The key success factor is mapping

Real Life Problems

Technical Solutions

Real Life Problems solved with smartMediaWiki

  • Digitizing Documents
  • Trainings: Curriculum, Quizcards, Pre-Training Interview
  • CRM Integration
  • Project Documentation and Collaboration e.g. Problem/Diagnosis/Therapy
  • Effort Tracking for Projects
  • Garbage-Bin Calendar reminder
  • ...

Technical issues solved with smartMediaWiki

  • Import of Office Documents
  • CRM Integration
  • Lotus Notes import
  • adding template Engines to SMW
  • adding Java Automation Support to SMW
  • Mail Integration
  • Automatic OCR + Import for Scanned Documents

Digitizing Documents

Import of Office Documents


How to keep a multilanguage training material in sync with a Syllabus and the corresponding Quizcards?

CRM integration

Lotus Notes import

Project Documentation and Collaboration

smartMediaWiki - inspirations


WikiSon = Wiki Simple Object Notation

WikiSon - just a Template?


No - it has got a much nicer name and WikiSon Notation is simpler to remember! You started with the Topic {{Book If your parameters only contain id information

  • human readable like a book title
  • or computer readable like an ISDN number

then you just specified a link

If your parameters contain semantic content than you just specified a Wiki Object in WikiSon.


Simple Data Interchange Format (SiDIF)

helps understanding the Triple concept and can actually be used for quite a few real-life problems.


WikiTask Tutorial for learning how to play with Wiki tasks

Royal FamilyTree revisited