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id  python-lichess-pgnserver
owner  WolfgangFahl
title  PGN Server to feed lichess broadcasts and view PGN of games
version  0.0.1
date  2019/12/23

Click here to comment see PlayChessWithAWebCam

To Broadcast an OTB Game via Lichess it's necessary to supply an URL that serves the game in Portable Game Notation

This project allows to supply such an URL and be able to update the PGN online via HTTP POST Requests.



Icon Purpose Comment
home Link to Homepage Shows default game cpOszEMY
linked_camera Link to Play Chess With a WebCam
chat Link to Play Chess With a WebCam Community Chat
help Link to this Help page
note_add add a new pgn Creates a timestamp based gameid
check interactively update the pgn use pgn input from the textarea
edit go to the edit link for this pgn HTTP GET Request
link Link to the PGN of the given gameid HTTP GET Request


git clone
cd python-lichess-pgnserver