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This is the Manual/Help Page for the Sprinkler software.


or if you'd like to build the Sprinkler software yourself:


Download the software for your platform from #Downloads or build the software yourself


Run the software with java -jar sprinkler.jar or sprinkler (If you built the software yourself: cd com.bitplan.sprinkler/release before this command)


Sprinkler performance

The system needs to know how much water your sprinkler will apply per hour. To test this you need:

  • a cylindric container - any jar or utensil will do that has a uniform cylindric diameter
  • a letter or household scale that can measure to grams
  • a ruler

IMG 2380.JPG

Put your container on the lawn and sprinkle for 1/2 hour. IMG 2373.JPG

You could now measure the water level directly with a ruler. The result will be more precise if you use the scale. Weigh the container 3 times

  1. with the amount of water the sprinkler applied in 30 minutes
  2. empty
  3. the container full to a set level e.g. 10 cm

In our example we got the results:

  1. 83 g for the container with amount of water the sprinkler applied in 30 minutes
  2. 37 g for the empty container
  3. 750 g for the container full to 10 cm (100 mm)

SprinkledBucket IMG 2374.JPG EmptyBucket IMG 2376.JPG Fullbucket IMG 2379.JPG Image Bucket 2377 750g.JPG

Now we are interested in what the equivalent of mm rain per hour of this sprinkler is. To calculate this we can use this excel sheet.


In our example the result is 12.6 mm per hour. Given the size of the lawn the sprinkler covers is 100 square meters this is equivalent to 1260 l of Water per hour.


current Weather

Weather current Weather.png

Weather Forecast

The weather forecast screen shows the rain forecast for your location from the openweathermap.org as a block diagram with 3 h blocks for the next 5 days. Weather Weather Forecast.png

Location settings

You can lookup your location by name if you enter the name and Country code of your location and erase the id field. The id, longitude and lattitude will then be automatically looked up from the openweathermap.org location list. Preferences Location.png

Sprinkler settings

Preferences Settings.png



git clone https://github.com/BITPlan/com.bitplan.sprinkler
cd com.bitplan.sprinkler
mvn install -D skipTests


cd com.bitplan.sprinkler
mvn test