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Gremlinsumreducing barriersum-stepoperates on a stream of numbers and sums the numbers together to yield a result3
GremlintoBulkSetterminalterminal-stepswill return all results in a weighted set and thus, duplicates preserved via weighting2
GremlintoListterminalterminal-stepswill return all results in a list2
GremlintoSetterminalterminal-stepswill return all results in a set and thus, duplicates removed2
GremlintryNextterminalterminal-stepswill return an Optional and thus, is a composite of hasNext()/next()2
Gremlinwherefilterwhere-stepfilters the current object based on either the object itself (Scope.local) or the path history of the object ( (filter). This step is typically used in conjunction with either #match Step or select()-step, but can be used in isolation.2